Responsible Gaming
Responsible Gaming Policy


Parier Nigeria Limited (“Oyawin,” “we,” “us” or “our”) encourages responsible gaming and believes that gambling should be an exciting pastime without addiction as Customers (“you,” “your”) are expected to gamble within reasonable limits. 

We are committed to creating a responsible gaming environment through the management of likely damage associated with gaming addiction by complying with the relevant provisions of Nigerian gaming legislation and regulations with respect to responsible gaming. We also work towards educating and informing Customers, employees, members, and the local community about potential harm associated with gaming.

This Policy is applicable to any Customer who registers an account, gambles, places a bet, deposits funds in his wallet on our platform.

Customers are advised to carefully read through this Policy before accessing or using our online gaming platform. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, you may refrain from using our platform.
Please read this Policy in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions and any additional applicable terms on our website.


Oyawin will assiduously prevent underage persons (that is, persons below the age of 18) from participating in any online gaming or sports betting. We shall take measures including posting notices of prohibition of underage gaming on our website, and prohibition of underaged persons from creating an account or playing games on our Website.

We reserve the right to request for proof of age and conduct verification checks on information provided. A Customer is allowed to create a new account with correct identity data after becoming of legal age. Accounts created with incorrect identity data by minors shall be blocked.

Customers are advised to keep their account details confidential and always logout from computers, mobile devices, or other technical devices accessible to minors.


Oyawin prohibits obscene or sexually explicit banters, hate speeches, bullying, excessive use of swear words, threats, harassments, fraud, intentional exploitation of a technical glitch, and phishing.

The penalties for the foregoing activities include temporary account suspension and permanent account closure. Where a customer thinks he has been penalized unjustly, such Customer should contact us at [email protected] for a review of the incident.


Customers are likely to display the following signs of gaming addiction:

a. Loss of control and inability to manage imprudent/persistent urges to gamble even when the odds are against you.
b. Increase in the amount of money used to gamble, to pay for lost bets or to experience the thrill of gambling.
c. Concealing the amount of money and time spent betting from family members. 
d. Customer’s denial of gaming addiction.
e. An obsession with gambling and loss of interest in other aspects of life.
f. Ignoring family and work responsibilities to focus on the results of bets.
g. Lackadaisical attitude towards work including absence from work or general lack of concentration that makes completion of tasks effectively difficult.
h. Loss of relationships due to gaming addiction.


You are required to adhere to the steps mentioned below to make your playing experience safer, and reduce the risk of addiction:

a. Set Financial Limits: Gaming should be for entertainment purposes. Set reasonable limits for yourself and comply with those limits.
b. Expect to lose: The odds are that you will lose. Treat your lost bets as the cost of your entertainment and winnings as a bonus. You can set limits with respect to maximum loss per stake. Ensure that you stop gambling when you reach your bet limit whether you are winning or losing.
c. Set a time limit and stick to it: Stop gambling when you reach the time limit whether you are winning or losing.
d. Create a healthy balance in your daily activities: Gambling should not interfere with or substitute for friends, family, work, or other worthwhile activities.
e. Avoid “Chasing” Lost Money: The more you try to recoup your losses, the more likely you are to lose larger sums of money.  
f. Do Not Gamble to Cope with Emotional or Physical Pain: Gambling for reasons other than entertainment can lead to an addiction.
g. Become educated about the indicators of gambling addiction. This helps for better decisions.


It is the right of a customer to exclude from gaming at any time. We offer self-exclusion option for a period from 6 months up to permanent exclusion, per Customer's request. Customers who intend to exclude should contact our customer services specifying the period of self-exclusion or choose the "self-exclude" option on our website.

If a Customer chooses to contact our customer service for self-exclusion, only upon a clear "self-exclusion" request will the account be suspended for the agreed time and can be reopened at any time upon a Customer's request. 

During the period of exclusion, the withdrawal of remaining funds to the Customers shall be facilitated if requested through our customer service. Access to depositing or to gambling transactions shall be denied.


Our platform allows Customers to set time and financial limits as well as temporary and permanent exclusion. 

a. Time Limits: Customers are allowed to set a daily or monthly time limit. Please contact our customer services to set or amend your time limit as required.
b. Financial Limits: We provide features that make it possible for customers to impose their own financial limits. Customers are given the opportunity to set a limit as part of the registration process or at the first deposit or payment. Limits could be in the form of:
i. Deposit Limit: This allows you to set a weekly or daily deposit limit for your account. Once a deposit limit is set, you will not be able to credit your account over the set limits. Deposit limits can be raised or lowered at any time. 
ii. Spend Limit: This allows you to put a cap onto your account to make sure that you do not purchase or stake bets over a certain amount.
iii. Loss Limit: A Customer can input an acceptable amount which could be lost while gambling and set that as their loss limit. Once you reach the limit, the gaming platform will not allow you to play anymore for a specified period, thereby limiting your loss.
c. Temporary Exclusion: If you feel you are struggling with your gambling and wish to close your account for a minimum period of 6 months, you can choose to self-exclude. Please contact customer services to request for a temporary exclusion. You will be unable to access your account during that period. If you wish to reactivate your account, you are required to contact our customer services to request this.
d. Permanent Exclusion: You can close your account indefinitely, at any time and for any reason by contacting customer services. You will not be prevented from reopening your account if you wish to.


We will ensure that our advertisements and promotions are not false, misleading, or deceptive and does not implicitly or explicitly misrepresent the probability of winning a prize. We will not direct our advertisements at minors, vulnerable, or disadvantaged groups and we will refrain from using images that appeals to minors.

We will also not give an impression to the public that gaming is a reasonable strategy for financial independence/credibility and shall not include misleading statements about odds, prizes, or chances of winning in our advertisements. 

We shall ensure compliance with the applicable advertising laws in Nigeria.


All questions, requests, comments, complaints, or suggestions in relation to this Policy, or any other concerns shall be forwarded to customer service with the contact details below: [email protected] 

Additionally, the following organizations can offer professional help and support and are open to all players.




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